How to

The Free Art Index describes and pictures the 184 works in the Free Art collection and provides information about the works and their actual status. The index offers a complete overview of the Free Art collection and includes pictures of the works on their current location.

Free Art is not for sale and is exclusively available free of charge.

On the list is indicated whether a work is available (FREE) or collected (OUT). Available works can be requested by using the request form. You willl receive a personal response soon after and eventually the Free Art contract.

Questions and requests regarding collected works can be directed to their current owners. Their emails adresses are mentioned next to the concerning works.

After signing the contract and settling the payment for the handling and shipping costs the work will be transferred.

You are now having Free Art.

Under the terms of the contract you can freely decide what to do with the work, except selling it or otherwise financially exploiting it. Changes in the condition or location of the work (damage, theft, moving) should be reported. The contract is entered into for an indefinite period of time, with a six month notice period for both parties.

Your email will be published on the website and future requests regarding the work will be addressed to you.

Click here for the contract. ( English version coming soon)

Click here for the general conditions. ( English version coming soon)