Free Art is the structure for the transfer and distribution of the artworks created by Joost Benthem. Free Art is not for sale and is exclusively available free of charge.

This website offers a overview of the Free Art collection and describes and pictures 185 artworks. It presents basic information about their current status and includes pictures of the works on the actual locations.

A short introduction to Free Art, the contract and information about how to purchase a work is listed in the menu how to.

Free Art started with the exhibition Free Art | Selected works 2002-2012 on June 15 2012 at Meneer Malasch in Amsterdam.

On September 7 2013 the Free Art exhibition “The Girl, the balls and the president” opened at VZL Contemporary Art in Amsterdam, showing Free Art 169-184.

Free Art was also available at Amsterdam Drawing 2013.

Free Art would not have been there without the very special support of Karin and Alex, Lesley Moore [design] + Ward, Studio andere koek [web development] + Jan & Joost Eijck [legal advice] + Anita and Hans Excellijst [framing and technical support] + Materiaalfonds [financial support]  + Julia Amelie [extra special] + Rob, Meneer Malasch & Nieck Bakker [hosting].

Contact and information via benthem@free-art.nl